Choices of Drywall Tools

There is often a need for a partition wall in the design of a room within a home or even an office. You can make cabins without getting into the real construction methods as well. Instead there is the option of the Drywall that can be used.

Drywalls are very close in their appearance to the usual partition boards made of wood. But these are different in their structure. They are boards that are prepared from gypsum plaster. This board is then placed between two sheets of thick paper. There is also a modern innovation where fiberglass sheets are used as a replacement for paper sheets.

These are appropriate for usage in the making of partition walls and false ceilings. They are easy to install and have the facility of several tools that can be used in the process.

Drywall Tools

There are complete kits of Drywall Repair tools available for the finishing, sizing and appropriate installation of a drywall board. The availability of a drywall tool can help you to make these look properly fitted and finished products.

Types of Drywall Tools

Utility Knife- This is probably the first item that you will come across in a drywall kit. It is a multipurpose knife that is useful for different kinds of markings and cuttings.

Drywall T Square – This is a tool that is used for drawing the lines for cutting. It has the measurement marks that give the specifications for the lines and the places where you will need to make a cutting.

Drywall Saw – This is used for cutting the Drywall sheets like a hand saw.

Rasp – After a cut has been made there are uneven edges or extra paper that may stick out at times. A rasp is used in the shaving of the edges.

Keyhole Saw – You can make incisions for switchboards and electrical box placements with this. The tip of the saw is pierced in for strong placement and then moved to make the cut.

Power Jig Saw – This is similar to a Keyhole Saw. This can be effectively used for the same purpose.

Circle Cutter – This is used to make a neat circular incision in a Drywall board.

Drywall Router – For a similar circular incision that needs to be made in a Drywall board already fixed to a wall or otherwise you can use a Drywall Router. This is a powered version of the circle cutter.

Drywall Lifts – This is a machine that holds the boards up while you affix it with nails and other accessories. It is of definite use when you are fixing a Drywall board as a false ceiling.

Drywall Jacks – This is not exactly a tool but a means of better support that can be provided to a Drywall board when it is used as a ceiling. It can be used temporarily till the fixtures are attached to the ceiling. However you may also leave it permanently.

Taping Knife – This is a knife for better finishing of the Drywall board. You can smoothen out all uneven edges and rough sides with this knife.

Make sure to avail your kit when you fix your drywall boards. It will ensure better finishing and fixtures.