Hidden Water Damage Beyond the Surface and How to Find It


Water damage isn’t always apparent. Even if you see water stains or warped floors, there could be hidden damage. Finding and fixing these hidden issues is essential to prevent further damage and mold. In this blog, we’ll look at how to find hidden water damage in your home and why it’s essential for a safe, healthy living space.

  1. Investigating Moisture Levels:

Moisture meters are essential for finding hidden water damage. They measure moisture in materials like drywall, wood, and insulation. By checking moisture levels in your home, you can find areas where water might be getting in, even if you can’t see any damage.

  1. Checking Behind Walls and Under Floors:

Water damage can sneak behind walls and under floors without you knowing until it’s too late. Try infrared cameras or thermal imaging tech to find hidden damage in these spots. They pick up temperature changes from moisture, helping you spot issues without tearing things apart.

  1. Addressing Musty Odors and Mold Growth:

Musty smells and mold are signs of hidden water damage. Investigate if you notice a musty odor or see mold patches. Mold loves moisture, so finding and fixing the source is critical to stopping it from returning.


If left unchecked, hidden water damage can pose serious risks to your home and health. To identify and address water damage before it escalates, you can utilize moisture meters, infrared cameras, and your senses to detect hidden issues. 

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