How Can I Motivate My Fundraiser Sellers?

A Candle Fundraiser is not complicated. However, you want to ensure that certain things are in place to achieve maximum success. Just like you wouldn’t attempt a peach cobbler without a recipe, fundraising involves a recipe of its own.

Our group has partnered with many fundraising golf fundraising ideas groups, and I would like to share some must-do fundraising steps for a successful fundraiser.

Read below carefully. Each of the fundraising steps is critical in achieving your goal.

Step 1. Acknowledge and discuss your WHY?

This may seem like a very obvious and unnecessary step. However, reiterating why raising funds is important with others will help to motivate all who is involved. Also, understanding WHY will help convey these same concerns with those who benevolently contribute to your cause. This is the most important among all the fundraising steps listed.

Step 2. Set a financial Goal.

Do you want to raise $50 or $5000? Set this goal ahead of time. This will help you determine the amount of resources, including time and personnel, required to reach your financial goal.

Step 3. Analyze all your available resources.

* time

The amount of time necessary to raise $5000 is different than the amount of time necessary to raise $50. Organizations usually set aside 1 to 4 weeks for a candle fundraiser. If longer than 4 weeks is required, it may be necessary to run multiple fundraisers. The reason why we recommending maxing at 4 weeks is to have organized control over the process and to ensure that customers receive their gourmet candles in a timely fashion.

Keep in mind that the overall time includes planning, taking orders, placing orders, shipment, and distribution. To minimize time in planning, consider organizing a fundraiser online.([]) Check out fundraising online to download applications, order sheets, and compilation sheets. These can be submitted online and minimize the need for excessive meetings.

* money

Obviously, we want to minimize this resource, if not get eliminate the use of it. The best thing about our candle fundraiser is that there is no upfront costs or hidden fees, outside of shipping.

Choosing a product that that everyone loves and can benefit from in a healthy manner is important. (No more candy!) Even more important is choosing a product, like scented candles, that profits on the order of dollars and not cents. This is another critical fundraising step.

* personnel

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to get your own people to volunteer their time with the organization’s fundraiser. This is why fundraising step #1 is helpful. But wouldn’t it be great if the distributor provided an incentive to the most successful volunteer at no cost to your organization. See fundraising online for more details. If your organization is a daycare or sports league, parents also can be offered an incentive to participate in fundraising. When one is benefited, it is a great motivation to be successful. Each volunteer’s success will then be the organization’s success collectively. Contact me for more details on this!

Step 4. The fun part: Choose 10-15 scents that you would like to provide to your donors.

We have 90+ scents to choose from. From Hot Apple Pie to Juniper Breeze to Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper. The list is long. However, keeping the list between 10 – 15 scents will minimize confusion, and maximize the amount of orders you get. Click on gourmet candle to check out all of our scents.

Step 5. Print all paperwork right from the web.

The great thing about online fundraising is that all the paperwork and instructions is online. You can customize your order sheets once you’ve selected your 10 – 15 scents. Once you’ve read through the fundraising steps, go to fundraising online for more details.